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Wishing You were in Malacca?  Wish no more.  The dishes you crave for are right here in Spices of Melacca in the ACT.

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Our Story

Welcome To Spices of Melacca

For years we dreamt of eating real authentic Malaysian Chinese cuisine in Canberra.  Now Chef Robert Wong has opened Spices of Melacca in Mawson, ACT to make your dream a reality. With the freshest of ingredients, mix of the right spices and the magic of this skillful wok master, Chef Robert will conjure up your favourite dishes at this Malaysian Restaurant in Canberra, he calls Spices of Melacca located at Mawson in the Australian Capital Territory.

Come and taste the mix of hot, sweet, savoury and salty flavours together the contrasting and complimentary flavours all expertly breathed out of the hot woks from his kitchen using the best of the Spices of Malacca that he brings together through a wonderful balance to awaken even the most jaded palates.

For the best Malaysian food, pop by today for a meal or order a takeaway, you will love it.



Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

Halal meat and poultry, fresh vegetables and awesome spices all go toward great tasting dishes.  From entrees, curries, house specials and blackboard specials, our dishes produced from our fiery woks will draw you back for more.


The Best Spices

There is nothing better than food marinated, cooked or seasoned with aromatic spices used since ancient times.  Dishes from recipes handed down from generation to generation and new ones created through time take their place among favourites that are often hard to recreate since most of them were created and cooked by the Nyonyas in Malaysia and Singapore.  They were the gatekeepers of the secret recipes of dishes and the techniques of cooking  of a cuisine that has been named after them.

These spices of Malacca in the form of leaves, roots, seeds were used whole, ground into powder, chopped, sliced roasted, fried or blended to masterfully bring out the best in them to create magical tastes that are not only delicious but have now been found to be beneficial for good health and we have picked out a few to let you know how beneficial they are.

All these are presented in our dishes created in our menu.

The inner bark of the tree species known as Cinnamomum.  It is an aromatic condiment and flavouring addition to dishes from many different cuisines in both sweet and savoury dishes.  Prized for it effects on health and metabolism due to the oils it contained which is high in cinnamaldehyde, it was rare and valuable in ancient times.


Cassia is from the Chinese cassia which has a very sweet pungent aroma and can be bitter when used in excess.  Often confused with cinnamon but it is more widely and commonly used and is a much thicker bark.  It is considered one of the fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.  Most of the spice sold as cinnamon comes from this close relative of the Ceylon cinnamon which produces the cinnamon quills.


How unexciting food will be without it? Chillies are a neurotoxin that stimulates the adrenal glands and release endorphins to give us an energy rush and trigger a positive feeling in our bodies.

Coriander seeds when crushed has a lemony citrus flavour and is nutty and spicy.  Roasting and heating the seeds heightens the flavour, aroma and strong smell of the seeds.  Ground and often combined with cumin in generous portions, it is used in garam masala and curries.

Pepper is used as a spice and a seasoning.  Dried ground pepper has been used  in traditional medicine.  Black pepper is one of the most common and traded spices in the world since ancient times.  It is produced from the unripe drupes of the pepper plant which is briefly cooked in hot water to clean and dry it out to produce the black peppercorn when dried.  White pepper is produced from the seed of the pepper plant with the dark coloured outer skin removed.  White pepper is much loved and used in Chinese cuisine.

Ginger can be used as an ingredient in many dishes.  It is used as as ingredient in dishes, pickled, steeped in boiling water, made into candy, liqueur, beer or wine, ground or eaten fresh and used for baking in sweet foods like bread, cookies and cakes.  It has many medical qualities as well and is used in traditional medicines.


What People are Saying

“Fantastic authentic Malaysian food”

Fantastic authentic Malaysian food. Can’t get better pan mee in Canberra. Yong Tau Foo, curry chicken, satay, lobak, sambal egg plant, assam fish. Good value for money. Chef Robert has put his heart out to make delicious food for our Malaysian group. Thank You Robert. We will definitely come again”

Patricia Koh

“Hidden Gem”

“Just had the pleasure to eat here and It’s a hidden Gem. Totally worth the money, very tasty. Excellent customer service. Will visit again and again..”

Himal Thapa

“Genuine Malaysian Food”

Genuine malaysian food. Laksa was one of the best in ACT. Friendly service. A real gem.”

Richard Lathlean

“Top Notch”

“Chef Robert Wong returns with his trademark excellent Malaysian dishes. The beef rice noodles (wat tan hor), chicken rice chilli, and beef rendang pulut serunding are top notch! .”

Aaron Chuah

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Unit 3, 118 Mawson Place,

Mawson, ACT 2607

Tel:  (02) 6290 6778